Elf School

This December Park Mall is going to be home to an Elf School!

The Elf School’s festive workshops will transform our mini shoppers into Santa’s little helpers, equipping them with the Santa skills they never believed they could possess, and putting them through their paces to ensure they are they firmly on the ‘Nice’ list for Christmas!

Each week our resident elves Jolly & Jingle will welcome the children and make sure they are “en-list-ed” on the Elf Training Programme. The trainee elves will each be given a report card from Santa and tasks will be ticked off each week.

Saturday 1st December | 11am, 12pm, 1pm and 2pm 
This week the trainee elves will be taken through a very important ‘Elf & Safety’ briefing before learning and practising the Elf Code.

Upon completion of the briefing, the trainee elves will be presented with their very own complimentary Elf hat.

Trainee elves will then be required to pass the Reindeer Test and will learn how to make magic reindeer food.

Saturday 8th December | 11am, 12pm, 1pm and 2pm 
This week the wannabe elves will learn how to wrap presents in record time and pass the Chief Elf Inspection Test.

They will also make their own door hanger for Christmas Eve and their report cards will be filled in by Jolly and Jingle!

Jolly and Jingle will also show the trainee elves how to write the perfect letter to Santa.

Saturday 15th December | 11am, 12pm, 1pm and 2pm 
This week the trainee elves will learn how to sing a Christmas Song perfectly in tune to create that special Christmas Magic!

The children will need to “Sledge” their allegiance to the Elf code before having their very own Elf Graduation party.


Start date and time:
1 December, 2018
11 00

End Date:
15 December, 2018
15 00