We recently ran a search for Ashford Superhero and asked you to help us pick the winner!  The winner was: 

Susie’s nomination

This is my superhero my great-grandson Zachary he shielded with me during the first lockdown and didn’t see his mummy apart from through the window for three months as she was an NHS A&E superhero . Not sure I would have survived 2020 without him.


Here are the other finalists

Coralie’s nomination

These are my little superheroes, Foss and Bee! These wonderful little girls continue to make me proud every single day. Bee was born just days before the first lockdown and Foss has adjusted to the big sister role so well! It’s been tough and we’ve had our ups and downs, but my these gorgeous little smiles have helped me through!

Corinne’s nomination

My sister is my superhero- always there for support with a kind and caring heart. She may not look good in a cape but she is super-capable!

Sarah’s nomination 

These two are my super hero’s. So kind and thoughtful! Nanny aged 86 that lives in sheltered accommodation would love a cat.

She is however chair bound now after having covid and pneumonia last year she is unable to walk and couldn’t look after a pet sadly.  She also has bowel cancer and a stoma bag. She was in hospital loads last year.

The kids love her dearly and wanted to get her something for Christmas she would enjoy so my son chose her a toy cat seen here on her lap. It’s so soft like a real cat and even meows. She was thrilled with it! It’s my sons birthday next month. I’d love to treat him and these vouchers would enable me to get him something nice that he deserves. Thanks for the opportunity

Virginia’s nomination

These 2 are my super heroes no matter what life throws at them they keep going even with their problems.I am so proud of them both they always bring love smiles and happiness to everyone they meet .They have helped me so much since losing my daughter to suicide in January 2020 they give me reason to carry on love them both so much xxx