Summer refreshments at Park Mall

Keep refreshed on your visit to Park Mall this summer with some of our tenant’s amazing summer specials!

The Little Teapot

Visit the Little Teapot to try their summer specials, perfect for cooling down after a busy shopping session.


  • SMOOTHIES (mango & passionfruit, raspberry & blackcurrant, strawberry & banana)
  • FRAPPES (Vanilla, sticky toffee, cookies & cream, coffee)
  • SODA FLOATS (cream soda, Pepsi, lemonade & more )


Visit our Greggs store to browse their salad boxes that are BRAND NEW this summer!
This Smoky Cajun Rice with BBQ Chicken and Sweetcorn Fritters is made with tasty BBQ flavour chicken slices, delicious sweetcorn fritters and cooked brown rice in a smoky paprika dressing. Then paired with a side of sliced spinach and pickled red onions for an extra kick to create the prefect meal on the go in your action packed day of shopping.
Or for the vegetarians: this Sweet Potato Bhaji and Rice Salad box is perfect!
Made with delicious sweet potato onion bhajis served with cooked long grain rice and a flavourful Indian style chana masala sauce with mixed vegetables, chickpeas, lentils and quinoa. Served with roasted peppers, spinach leaves and pickled red onions to create a healthy, quick and easy alternative to spice up your lunch!
Make sure to visit our eateries on your next visit, the perfect shopping refreshments to get you through the day.