Made In Ashford

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Monday I 10:00am-5.00pm
Tuesday I 10:00am-5.00pm
Wednesday I 10:00am-5.00pm
Thursday I 10:00am-5.00pm
Friday I 10:00am-5.00pm
Saturday I 10:00am-5.00pm
Sunday I 10:00am-4.00pm


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Made in Ashford is an independent led shop run by a community of up to 30 small creative businesses from Ashford and the surrounding areas. 

The shop based in Park Mall allows local people to test their products on the high street with short, flexible tenancies and is a firm part of the Council’s vision to regenerate Ashford’s town centre.

The shop has recently undergone a refit which allows more businesses to showcase their hand made products and designs to the high street.