Bare Bazaar


Monday I 09.30am-5:00pm
Tuesday I 11:00-17:00
Wednesday I Closed
Thursday I 09.30am-5:00pm
Friday I 09.30am-5:00pm
Saturday I 09.30am-5:00pm
Sunday I Closed


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Bare Bazaar aims to provide plastic-free solutions to your everyday shopping needs, putting the power in your hands to say no to plastic. They provide food that is safe, high quality and ultimately affordable.

The shop owner (Kati) is not a vegetarian or a vegan, more of a flexitarian if you will, but you can also find vegan-friendly products, including their household and toiletries ranges in the Bare Bazaar store!

Buying unpackaged means your bin doesn’t fill up so quickly, but it also means you don’t get labels on your product – if you ever want to know more about the ingredients in a product, or where it’s from, just ask!

In November 2018 Bare Bazaar became incorporated as a CIC, that’s a community interest company or social enterprise, a company working towards the good of the community. They will do this through engagement events and activities aimed at raising awareness of issues around recycling, waste and pollution – watch this space for more information!