Plastic Free July

We’re sure that, just like us, you’ve been thinking lots about Plastic Free July recently. When you stop to think about it, we really do use a lot of plastic in our daily lives, don’t we? If we’re honest, it can be really hard to go completely plastic free, but we do hope we get there one day! Luckily for us, there are some super easy swaps we can make that will make a big impact on the environment and help us get closer to that plastic free goal. Here’s some examples….

1. Plastic-free wipes

Who’d have thought there’d be so much plastic in our face wipes, baby wipes and cleaning wipes? Last year, BBC’s War On Plastic series shocked us by showing that wet wipes can be almost ¾ plastic! 

Thankfully, with stores like Wilko now stocking plastic-free wipes, this is an easy swap we can all make. You may have seen recently that we shared a picture of their baby wipes, face wipes and antibacterial wipes on our Facebook…Good news, we’ve now also seen they do pet wipes too!

2. Eco-cleaning range

Eco-friendly cleaning is now a thing! There are now many cleaning products that contain less of the toxic chemicals that normally leave you with a headache and have plant-derived replacements that still leave your pots and surfaces squeaky clean. Keep your eyes peeled for these products in Savers, Wilko and Poundstretcher!

3. Reusable bottles

Stop buying water or coffee on the go and invest in a good-quality, preferably plastic-free, drinks bottle which you can reuse regularly! There are plenty out there which are designed to keep your cold or hot drinks at the perfect temperature. When you’re shopping at Park Mall, stop by Savers, Wilko or Poundstretcher to pick one up.

4. Plastic-free hair brushes

We use them every day, but our hair brushes are almost always made from plastic. Well not anymore, because it’s easy to switch to bamboo! We shared this tip on Facebook not too long ago, so you may have seen it already. Wilko now stocks sustainable bamboo hair brushes which are great for untangling your knots as well as helping us care for the environment.

5. Recycling crafts 

Last but not least, we’re sure that those of you with children are aware of how much plastic we use in children’s toys. But what if we told you that they could have just as much fun recycling! During lockdown, we saw lots of people sharing new and creative ways of reusing household items such as toilet rolls, egg holders etc. This weekend, why not have a go to see what you and your family can create? We’re sure it will keep you all entertained.