Plastic Free July at Park Mall

Choose to reuse with Bare Bazaar

Why not go plastic-free this July and shop at Bare Bazaar?

Bare Bazaar now stock @teamsikel! Team Sikel reuses punctured bike inner tubes and old toys upcycled into accessories, homeware, and jewellery. Made into unique, eco-friendly gifts directly in Kent!

Recycling inner tubes is not common in the UK, so what do we do when we can’t recycle something? We reuse it! And Team Sikel does it oh-so-well as these tubes would otherwise end up in landfill.

These are the perfect low-impact gifts, especially for the cycling fantastic in your life!
Visit our Bare Bazaar store today.

Choose to reuse with Savers

Visit our Savers store today to purchase a host of refillable toiletries containers and save up to 85% plastic.

For example:

The much loved Carex Dermacare Moisture Hand Wash is now available in an easy and convenient 1L refill eco pouch!

  • Uses up to 85% less plastic
  • Reuse your existing Carex bottle
  • Reuse your pump
  • Help to further reduce plastic

Visit our Savers store today to find other ways you can save on your plastic consumption this July and beyond.