Past Campaign – Park Mall’s Marvellous Mother

We celebrated the Marvelous Mothers in the Ashford community! 

OUR WINNER – Sonia’s nomination

Here’s me with my Marvellous Mum on my wedding day in August 2021. Despite living 380 miles away, she is always there for everyone. She will drop everything if you need her, and I want to thank her for being amazing  love you, Sonia 

Here are just a few of our shortlisted entries for our Marvelous Mother shortlisted entries of 2022:

Donna’s nomination

I’m nominate My marvellous mum Pauline  there’s many reasons why my mum deserves a special treat, from just being who she is to all the amazing things she does for us and others. She’s our rock I always wish I could give her more and she is worth the world. I’m the last 5 years she’s lost her mum her sister, who she gave a kidney to 20 years ago, then few weeks later was holding my hand whilst I was in labour. The kidney she gave her sister helped her live a further 20 years and saw her grandchildren born etc but then sadly she died of a brain tumour and then their brother too. There are many many reasons but mainly just for being who she is.

Pauline’s nomination

I would like to nominate my mother in-law Joyce Hutchins, who has always been my best friend. She will 91 this year and is marvellous for her age. She would be so thrilled to win a prize.

Carla’s nomination

My marvellous mum Valarie really is one in a million, she’s my absolute rock & I really don’t know where I’d be without the love & support she’s given us, my daughter is epileptic & autistic & has severe learning difficulties & my mum has been by our side throughout it all, the awful hospital stays, twice in intensive care when we were told to expect the worst but hope for the best, my marvellous mum was there for us, my daughter has an amazing bond with her & loves her nanny with all her heart  she’s 77 years young & is always there for all her friends & family, we all love & appreciate this lovely lady & would love for her to win, she means the world to us.

Cheryl’s nomination

I admire my mother in law of 15 years Pauline Harvey who is like a mum to me she is incredible after working in the nhs for over 20 years then retiring she is now an unpaid carer for her 97 year old mum which is tiring and challenging and even when she broke her foot whilst changing her mums bed she still hobbled around and carried on her duties as well as being there for myself and hubby when we need her like when I had covid twice and suffer my bad attacks of migrains xx