New store now open at Park Mall!

New store now OPEN at Park Mall!

We’d like to extend a huge Park Mall Community welcome to our newest tenant Bath Bomb Boom! Seeing a new tenant opening up is just the good news we’ve all been eager to see following months of businesses struggling to remain open. Bath Bomb Boom is a family-run business that will make a fantastic and unique addition to our current independent retailers and chain stores.

We can assure you the store is coming along very nicely, the smell that greets you is something that will have you struggling to leave again. They have all colours, scents, and shapes on offer, from regular bath bombs to funky PlayStation controllers and M&M’s, just remember the M&M’s may look good, they may smell good, but they won’t taste good so throw them in the bath and watch them bring your bath to new levels of serenity. You can view more of their product range on Facebook by pressing here.

Every item is handmade by their dedicated in-house team with only natural ingredients, essential oils and quality perfumes are used in their production so you can feel assured that every care goes into their products as they adhere to all the relevant cosmetic standards and certifications.