Mental Health Awareness Week: Nature and Environment

The theme for Mental Health Awareness Week in 2021 is Nature and Environment, a theme that encourages us to take a step back and enjoy the simpler things in life. 

It is more important now than ever to ensure that we put our mental health first along with those closest to us. Mental illnesses are not contagious but can affect those we would least expect. A simple smile to a stranger, a check-in on your family and friends, and engaging in a hobby or setting out to achieve a life-long goal can be just a few of the ways that we can all work on supporting ourselves and others.

Nature is arguably the purest form to reconnect with the world, whether it be the fresh air, clear skies, the intrinsic sounds, or the endless wildlife there are so many ways to open your mind to what life has to offer. This could be on our own doorsteps here in Ashford or in a far away random location, it has proven effective in reducing stress, improving your mood, and our physical health simultaneously. It can also allow us to care for something dependent on us, a plant or a pet for example as learning to care for something else can remind us how to care for ourselves once again.

Surrounding ourselves with a positive environment can also play a fundamental role in rebuilding our self-esteem and improving our confidence. Surround yourself with people who share similar interests, ambitions and cleaner lifestyles will allow you to build connections and relationships with others. Finding a place you feel happy to call home, where you look forward to leaving your house in the morning, and returning in the evening. Ashford is renowned as one of the best places to live in Kent, and with a contrast of new developments underway, we are truly at the heart of an ever growing community.

Here at Park Mall, we would like to share with you just some of the ways in which you can get involved with Mental Health Awareness Week. For example, if you’re an active social media user there are a range of hashtags that you can use to show you’re there for someone if they are in need, and to show that you’re prepared to take action. Hashtags such as;

  • #menatlhealth
  • #mentalhealthawareness  
  • #selfcare
  • #selflove

You can also get involved by getting active, such as going for daily walks with a new friend each day, taking a friend with you to the gym, or setting yourself a physical challenge in support of a mental health charity, of which there are many great organisations out there in need of your support. You can also start your own blog or social media channel, dedicated to talking about your own experiences or to share those of others and what has helped in those scenarios.