Did you second-hand Septemeber?

As September comes to a close, we wonder how many tried the challenge to swap to second-hand shopping as much as possible over the month.

Of course, it is not just about the challenge as many people will have found ways to save by changing their shopping habits?

Perhaps you have discovered savings to be had by ditching plastic shopping and “filling up” from Bare Bazaar. Or you’ve developed a new love for the crafted goods at Made In Ashford has to offer. 

Don’t forget the selection of second-hand vinyl records from The Record Store and the off-cuts of fabric square bundles available from Emporia Fabric & Craft

Finally, don’t forget that second-hand shopping includes supporting local charities such as our YMCA store with plenty of clothing and household items.

Remember that your shopping should suit your goals, get the best value for your money and make you happy – all while not breaking the bank.

Please let us know your favourite shopping habits via our social media platforms.