Back to School – Park Mall

Head back-to-school in style with plenty of savings on the essentials and the forgotten. Why not start a new academic year with a more eco-friendly, money conscious you!

We all know that remembering everything that you could need for school is a lot! That’s why Poundstretcher has already begun their back-to-school sale with plenty of savings from notebooks, pens, lunch boxes and more! With plenty of things like hairclips and calendars on offer, there really is everything that you could need available. 

Don’t forget the classics too: pens, pads and pencils are still laying about – especially until you’ve got a stylish new pencil case to tuck them into. 

For looking after the home while schools return, save some money on those essentials from Savers to keep everyone neat and clean. 

Bare Bazaar has put together essential family bundles to improve your health, do your bit for the environment and keep those cupboards and wallets filled. Top up on what you need and stop spending on those wasted bits. Don’t forget to grab those lunchbox fillers too.

For those students who need a little more, head to Wilko where their Students Back to Uni sale has everything… nearly including the kitchen sink.