3 free ways to keep the kids occupied

When the weather’s good, it’s great to get outdoors with the kids. And when it’s wet and miserable, you need ideas more than ever! We’ve partnered with Wilko to share some activities that are free or very inexpensive, making sure you don’t have bored kids on your hands, or an empty bank account this half term.

1. Tin can bowling

You will need:

First thing’s first – have fun decorating! This bit can be done either indoors or outdoors as long as you cover everything in newspaper to stop things getting messy! Get as creative as you can by decorating your cans with paint, coloured paper and crafty bits and pieces you’ve got at home. Wait for everything to dry then take them outside and stack them up! Take it in turns rolling a tennis ball at them – 2 goes each before play moves on, 1 point per can! Just decide how many goes you want everyone to have depending on how long you want the game to last! If you’ve got space, this one can be played indoors too!

2. Bottle top fishing

This is a ridiculously simple game you can get the whole family involved with and make up from stuff you’re sure to have lying around your home.

You will need:

  • a large tub filled 1/4 of the way up with water
  • bottle tops – as many as you can get your hands on in all different colours (time to get collecting!)
  • a ladle or large spoon
  • towel
  • bowl
  • permanent marker pen

First off, mark up a few of your bottle tops on the underside with the permanent marker pen – this can be with just stars or perhaps the letters of your kid’s name to make the game even more interesting. Put the bottle tops with the markers face down in the water – then it’s time to get fishing! You make the rules – are you fishing for blank tops or marked tops? Maybe the first to find all the letters in their name wins! There’s so many options to this game, which is why we love it so much. It’s also great for helping little ones learn about colours, numbers and spelling.

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3. Make nature crowns

New kings and queens of the garden will be crowned with this fun activity! Get some paper and cut it into long thin strips roughly 2cm wide. Measure the strips of paper around your kids’ heads to act as a headband. Once you have the right shape, glue into place and set aside. Here comes the fun part! Get the kids to forage for interesting leaves and twigs and perhaps some colourful flowers that you can bear to part with! Next, glue on the foraged pieces to create pretty crowns.

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